Raising a child is strategizing

It has been for almost eighteen months since our baby was born and everything has changed. The biggest change is to think and to prioritize daily tasks differently. Basically, having a child learns you how to think strategically. Often you have to adapt your strategies but that makes it more interesting and different every time. Babies are unpredictable, it is a challenge to teach them and to make them cooperate.

For instance, babies cry. After they’re born they cry. Every day. They cry first 2 months until they start doing something else as cry. They cry every day and night for the first 2 months. They cry when they want to express something. Newborns don’t want to express, but they express everything with cry. If you don’t want to lose it and be sad, you need to think why. That’s what me and my girlfriend did every time something seemed to have dissatisfied our child. We looked for the reasons, then we tried to solve them. After one year I can say that we have been successful. Sometimes we were sad and desperate, however, we learnt how to deal with it. Many people tell you it is normal to feel sad and desperate, having a child is hard. Guess what! It is hard, but it isn’t normal to feel sad and desperate. We refuse to think and live like that. 

Therefore, strategy became one of our personal daily routines. After one-and-a-half year, we still do the same. Babies grow. They start laughing, playing, crawling, jumping and standing. Each step represents a tactique on how to handle change. Children need to get used to new situations all the time. Parents need to get used to this as well. In order to feel happy and energetic, parents need to get used to it even faster. 

Having a child taught me how to be smarter. It also taught me how to work faster, how to think faster. Does it make me feel sad and desperate? Yes, it does sometimes. However, I refuse to think that’s the way you should feel. Therefore, I never give up and learn. And I think that I am indeed successful.