McRib the double Strategy

Who of us does not know McDonalds. Personally, I believe it is a great place to grab a bite. Moreover, it is a great company with an extremely successful strategy. By far the leading fast food restaurant chain worldwide. Even in the United States the competition is not even near the numbers McDonalds puts on the map. By browsing and reading I do find some small complaints though. One complaint comes from a good friend of mine in Bratislava. He mentioned the McRib is not on the menu in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria. Something that really upsets him. It appears to be that more people in other countries share this idea of either missing the McRib or another great  sandwich.

For me it is totally understandable to have these demographic differences. McDonalds has to serve the local market, it is one of their strategies. A strategy not only hold by McDonalds by the way. Their success lies obviously by the fact they serve fast food accepted by the local consumers. The basics are the same everywhere. Perhaps there are differences between the western market compared to the middle east, asian and Indian. I admire such a successful company as McDonalds. As a company they really understand what is going on in their market, their share proofs it. They operate with a formula which is recognized by nearly every single person on our world, regardless of culture or demographic location. Every kind of business strategy is applicable to McDonalds, their brand strategy is incredible.

But back to the McRib. I live in Prague, Czech Republic. My friend told me that whenever I am in Germany, I had to go try the McRib. Last week I was in Dresden (great city) with my family and we decided to grab this McRib. We really searched for it. Firstly, we went to the Loschwitzer Strasse but that restaurant did not have it on the menu (seemingly, there are different categories of McDonalds in Germany). We entered in the navigation Boderitzer Strasse but when we got there we did not even see a McDonalds. The next stop was Michaelisstrasse….I took two McRibs. I do favour spareribs and this McRib was really worth it. A success caused by simplicity and good taste. I do not really know anything about calories etcetera but honestly I believe McFood is not that bad. At least when you do not eat it as an extra but replace your regular meal with it. Again, I did really enjoy the McRib.

Do feel free to share your McDonalds experience on this website, preferably by replying to this article. Before I tasted the McRib I favoured the Big Tasty with bacon. Now, I will be looking forward to go to Germany. I didn’t even check what else is on the menu in Germany. Back in Prague I realized the difference is significant but I am not complaining. For me the McRib will stay as something special. Yes, I do visit McDonalds regularly. Contact me if you wanna discuss strategy or reply below as well.