Anthropomorphic Strategy

Sometimes you know exactly what the article is about by just reading the title. In other cases you would not have a clue. By researching this title I was not convinced it would illustrate the article I would write (I usually have an idea and want to title it first, my #strategy). However, by looking […]

Doing your groceries is a Strategy

If you did not come up with any kind of #strategy it can be very hard to reach or even exceed your goals. And let’s face it, you make #strategies almost every single day. For example by doing grocery shopping. The goal is to get your groceries. You create a shopping list so you won’t […]

Strategy in adapting Cultural Differences

The title says it all. We all had to deal with it at least once in my opinion. Difference in cultural is a worldwide and well-known understanding. But how are we dealing with it? What is a good way to overcome these cultural differences? On the world wide web there are millions of articles (websites) […]

To show Respect is Strategic Communicating

Don’t we love it all, being told how well we have done something? Aren’t we happy to be rewarded for our given efforts? Receiving gratitude and respect are most welcomed by all of us (at least I believe so). In my opinion the reward is great but not the most important. Personally, I appreciate the […]

Hospitalization Strategy

Three months ago (april 2014, now 2019 we have our 2nd child), me and my girlfriend were privileged with the birth of our daughter, a beautiful healthy baby. When she was one month we were told hospitalization was required. It seemed to be the hip had a defect called hip dysplasia. The required treatment had […]

Facebook in your Strategy of Networking

I wrote already once that I moved from the Netherlands to the Czech Republic (now in 2019 I live in Slovakia and in between in Austria as well). This was a good move for me. It made me think about what I want and how I want to develop myself. I am not going more […]

McRib the double Strategy

Who of us does not know McDonalds. Personally, I believe it is a great place to grab a bite. Moreover, it is a great company with an extremely successful strategy. By far the leading fast food restaurant chain worldwide. Even in the United States the competition is not even near the numbers McDonalds puts on […]

Raising a child is strategizing

It has been for almost eighteen months since our baby was born and everything has changed. The biggest change is to think and to prioritize daily tasks differently. Basically, having a child learns you how to think strategically. Often you have to adapt your strategies but that makes it more interesting and different every time. […]

A way to become a millionaire

Are we not all looking for some way to become a millionaire? Did we not try several options to make some easy money? Or is feeling as rich as a millionaire not to express in gold? I would like to tell you my vision on these questions. And no, I am not a millionaire, I […]

The Ten Thousand strategy

I read the novel ‘The lost army’ written by Valerio Massimo Manfredi. A great book that takes your mind along the travel of a Syrian girl and her mysterious writer, Xenophon, through the Persian empire. I would recommend this book if you are interested in ancient history and you would like to read a good […]