A way to become a millionaire

Are we not all looking for some way to become a millionaire? Did we not try several options to make some easy money? Or is feeling as rich as a millionaire not to express in gold? I would like to tell you my vision on these questions. And no, I am not a millionaire, I am feeling enriched every day, but yeah, I would like to make some easy money. A well-known saying is that money does not make you happy. Or similar: having a lot of money is not everything. I totally agree with this. Although, having some money to spend without thinking seems to make life easier. So what is a good strategy to tackle these obstacles?

Let’s first see what are the obstacles. If you want to make a successful strategy you first need to identify the bumps on the road. Happiness is related to money, or at least in my example. Satisfaction, with what you do, makes you happy. Earning respect and being appreciated contribute to your happiness as well. But how does this make you a millionaire? There are many websites, books, magazines, lectures and lots of other stuff that will tell you how to become a millionaire. You can also participate in the lottery business and assume you will once get lucky. You can work hard and not spend, eventually you will become a millionaire. I wished I could tell you the easy way to become a millionaire. I probably would have been one myself.

Life should not be about making money. However, money is to most civilizations an asset necessary to sustain a proper life. Moreover, in most societies money is the measurement of having a decent life. I will keep this article short and I hope we can get a long discussion out of it. Share your stories and opinions on this topic. Let us know why you feel rich or why you do not need to feel rich. Drop me a message in case you would like to contact me personally.