Doing your groceries is a Strategy

If you did not come up with any kind of #strategy it can be very hard to reach or even exceed your goals. And let’s face it, you make #strategies almost every single day. For example by doing grocery shopping. The goal is to get your groceries. You create a shopping list so you won’t forget anything. You plan a time when to go and when you will be back approximately. Of course you already know if you go by foot, public transport, bike or car. You know the supermarket to go and how to walk through it to get your groceries (you could even prepare a route). So off you go! As soon as you leave the supermarket with all your listed groceries in  your estimated time you could say your #strategy succeeded. 

I call this method a #strategy, the groceries #strategy. Applying this #strategy can help you in many other comparable situations. Especially, as we are all familiar with it. We just do not think it through in a proper way. I can honestly say: nine out of ten times I forget some groceries if I do not make a list. If I would map the route through the supermarket I would be done twice as fast. Of course I should neglect the super deals that are appealing on my route (this will be discussed in some different #strategy). 

The groceries #strategy also applies to other kinds of shopping. Basically, the key is to be prepared. If you want to buy a new car, computer, smartphone or kitchen we are all doing some kind of research. We do this even when we actually already know where and what we want to buy. It is just a way to make sure we buy/do the right thing. Or in strategic terms: that we meet our goal or even exceed it with for example more quality for the same price. So feel free to discuss here your groceries strategy or ask for tips to complete your shopping list. I hope this article will help you to be more aware of your own ‘never thought of #strategy.