Strategy in adapting Cultural Differences

The title says it all. We all had to deal with it at least once in my opinion. Difference in cultural is a worldwide and well-known understanding. But how are we dealing with it? What is a good way to overcome these cultural differences? On the world wide web there are millions of articles (websites) written about it. I decided to write you my experience as I had to overcome some of them. And yes, we are dealing with a #strategy, one of adapting cultural differences.

I grew up in the Netherlands which is a multicultural country. Not in all small towns and villages but the cities are for sure. You should check Wikipedia to see the exact statistics. I like it a lot. It is basically a big part of the world represented in a small place. You have an incredible choice of restaurants, groceries, bars and all other activities. In such cities it is easy to adapt as there exists already a mixture of cultures so it’s easy to blend in. But you still have to deal with differences in cultures, it is just cultures accept others easier. 

I actually have a small experience with travelling, just some countries in Europe. Here the differences are not so big. Although for such a small part of the world there are many differences but we cannot speak of a culture shock by moving from one country to another. I, moving from the Netherlands to Czech Republic, did not encounter a shock. The differences I noticed after some years are the mentality of people, architectural structures and of course the cuisine. Another big difference is that Prague is less of a multicultural city as the big cities of the Netherlands in spite of the many tourists.

My #strategy to adapt to the Czech culture was actually not really thought through. I have to admit that I still do not master the language (languages are perhaps the biggest difference throughout Europe). However, I do feel at home here and Prague is a great place that has lots of things to offer. I believe that when you accept the differences and live accordingly to them no culture can be impossible to adapt to.
Feel free to share your #strategy of adapting to new cultures. Or perhaps you have other tips & tricks that will help us to understand other cultures.