Religion is strategy or is it traditional strategy?

Religion is, in the shortest way explained, a belief in which a person puts in her/his faith. Usually, a group of people share the same religion. A religion is in general a base used to clarify in what way a person should live his/her life. There are still countries where religion sets out the strategy of a country (group of people). Often religion belongs to groups of people without acknowledging the borders of a country. Many years ago it was normal a country/kingdom/empire followed a certain religion. It was common these beliefs applied to every citizen, or at least every citizen was judged according to this religion. The strategy of the ruling party (roman senate, kings and so on) was highly influenced by the chosen religion. And even today political parties are based on the pillars of a religion. Therefore, strategies are applied based on a religion and we could say these are traditional strategies. 

With traditional strategy I refer to the fact that religions are old. Not as old as humanity but it goes way back into the ancient times. Strategies as we know are very old as well. A great strategist in the old days who applied freedom of religion to his empire was for example emperor Constantine the Great. Long before that, the Spartans hang on to their own religion and were really successful in some way with that. Since the existence of religion and the use of stratagem humankind always acted according to their beliefs. Somewhat we could say it is in our nature. In Arabic countries religion is still defining the way they govern. On the contrary in western countries, where religion has been completely banished from politics, has it not? 

From my own point of view I think people put too much weight onto their religion. It is redundant to place yours above religions of others. Worldwide there are more than four thousand religions and all of them are based on the same principle: to define a way of living. People should be free to make the choice themselves without being judged. Neither should one group try to decide for others how to live their lives. I do not want to point a finger because it would point towards many. But I do want to give a few examples. 

Recently, there has been a referendum in Slovakia. It was organized by a christian party who wanted the whole nation to vote in favor or against their beliefs. If they are smart enough they would have never started this but rather have studied the other beliefs. It is a strategy based on a religion but it completely missed the goal. I do wonder what they actually gained by it. 

I have seen the tv show ‘Borgias’. A great show but on the other a mockery to the Catholic church. At least if you are a supporter of them. If I had to believe their beliefs are a proper way of living I would abandon the Catholics straight away. ‘Borgias’ plays in an era a long time ago. So certainly things have changed, or have they not?

The last example I want to give is a more recent issue that bothers a lot of other groups. The Islamic State that forces their religion in an area and does not acknowledge any other belief within. A strategy that cannot work for sure. If their goal is to wipe out everyone who thinks differently about life, more evil blood will occur. These aggressive ideas simply do not belong in our era anymore. They should rather take Alexander the Great as an example. It would get more respect from their enemies and they would live their lives in a way they wanted. Stressing out that war is not the solution but Alexander greatly respected his enemies.

So as per my examples I can conclude strategies are based on religion. These kind of strategies usually imply a traditional way of life. In my opinion this is how the traditional strategy is explained. A strategy which can be extremely successful but can feel just as easily. I am looking forward to your opinion on this matter. Feel free to react or drop me a message.