Holiday strategies

It has been a while since my last post. The reasons are holidays and just a lack of time. And yes, these two are related to each other. Personally, I disagree by saying I did not have enough time. Time we can make or create. It is the same way in which I created time to go on holiday (even twice). By setting priorities we plan and we create space for activities. So why do I give a lack of time as reason for not posting? The answer is simple: my strategy for writing posts is a different one as for going on holiday.

Holiday is for most people a planned activity. In rare cases we decide to go last minute. Even last minute deals are not specifically for people who decided today to go on holiday tomorrow but this you all surely knew already. Holidays are strategies. The goal is to relax, to do something you are usually not doing and often to go away from the place you call home. The obstacles to overcome are mostly the travel and the place to stay. You want to avoid the rush hours, the busy highways, you hate flight delays, you prefer a hotel room with a view or you need to stay the night over somewhere during your travel. These are just a few obstacles you are thinking about while planning your holiday. The focus is, however, always on the goal. 

The goal for my holidays was to relax. Besides this I did have different goals per holiday. Firstly, after a long and busy year I needed to spend some time on the beach (and in the sea). For this we decided to go to Sozopol. Nice beaches, great sea and a perfect culture to relax. Secondly, we wanted to visit some friends who live in Bilbao, and I always wanted to go Spain (locally better known as Basque country). The fact it was on the coast it made it an ideal holiday to prolong our time this summer on the beach and the sea (ocean). I was already aware of the lovely food they serve in Bulgaria but the pintxo bars in Basque were really awesome too. So the ultimate goal to relax I achieved gloriously. Yes, we did have some delays with the flights but overall we had quite a convenient travel. The accommodation we arranged were to complete satisfactory. On top of all of these aspects we had great weather too (this you cannot really plan, no matter how good your strategy is).

The fact I did not have time for writing on my website was merely the priority. Perhaps I even lost a little bit of inspiration. I could have planned it properly for sure. Even though I took some extra jobs next to my already existing activities. The time on my holiday was fully on my goal. Holiday is for me a recharge: getting energy and inspiration. Strategy is about getting to your goal and to focus on your obstacles on the way. To make communication easier I used the phrase of not having enough time. If you would like to know more about strategic planning, strategies or simply my holidays, please feel free to contact me.