To show Respect is Strategic Communicating

Don’t we love it all, being told how well we have done something? Aren’t we happy to be rewarded for our given efforts? Receiving gratitude and respect are most welcomed by all of us (at least I believe so). In my opinion the reward is great but not the most important. Personally, I appreciate the respect for what I did. The same as I respect if someone else is doing something for me. Respecting other people regardless of anything seems not to be standard for (unfortunately) most of us. I am guilty of that as well. But showing respect can really help as a #strategy to improve communication.

Respect can be shown in many different ways. We take a paycheck for granted but it is basically a way the employer respects the efforts of the employee. By respecting it even more the employer can give a bonus……or by sending a simple ‘personal thank you’ message. Both gratitudes will be appreciated. In business communication ‘not showing respect’ is simply not responding. Imagine you are working with someone and suddenly they refuse to communicate. It happened to me, I wished they would have deleted me from their newsletter list too. This is respectless. Why not a message in which they end the business relation in a decent way? I do appreciate that.
I believe that everyone gains the most by showing respect. In this way you will be trusted and people will listen to you. Showing arrogance or behaving bossy might create tensions and can lead eventually to miscommunication (or even no communication). I wrote in another article that communication is a strategic key. Respect is the key to good communication. Especially, in a #strategy where you rely on other people, it is important to have their respect. Being a good and strong leader requires respect from the people you lead. Last note: respect is a 2-way 7system, give and receive back.