I started to use WordPress from the beginning. It was recommended by some entrepreneurs in my network. As a newbie I found my way through all the available information. There are so many blogs and videos available telling you how to make a good looking WordPress website.
I just want to share with you the information I gained in the past few years. I do not want to make it a complete guideline. For that I really refer you to Youtube. There are plenty of marketeers who tell you step by step how to create a WordPres website. However, it can take you some time to find a video that you like. There are really a lot. If you search on Google there are plenty of websites with complete manuals to download. WordPress is a popular CMS used by millions. Therefore, it also gives millions of options and a huge part completely free.
If you believe this technical things are getting above your head you can definitely contact me. I will help you and/or can even set it all up for you. Feel like ordering a website already?
From 599,00 EUR you will have your website up and running (click here to see what is included in the price).
Below you will find some tips or just contact me via the contact form.

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Tips for Your WordPress Website

Firstly, you need of course a host. I recommend one.com. They provide great service and really many extra options to choose from (mostly for free). Plus an advantage is that you have your domain and hosting registered in the same place.
Secondly, is to install WordPress. This is at one.com really a one-click action. They guide you exactly through the steps. Once you have it installed you go to the link to login into the dashboard of your WordPress website. Now we start building.

A theme
Standard you will have theme installed. A theme is the frame of your website. There are millions available, free and paid. Some you can customize a lot others are very limited in it.
Plugins are the engine parts of your WordPress website. They make it possible to add features to your theme. I shall list the most important ones (or at least what I believe are very handy to improve your website). Note that these are all free plugins and you can easily add them via the plugin option in your dashboard.

  • Jetpack: required is an account on wordpress.com. With this plugin you get a lot of social features, contact form, security and statistical insights.
  • Yoast SEO: with this tool you can easily optimize your content so it will be Google friendlier
  • NK Google Analytics: you need to have a Google Analytics account for this. With the UA-code set up in this plugin you get proper insights in your website analytics

For Google you should also register your website in the Search Console Tool and the site map. With these features you get better statistics and Google will like your website better (don’t we all want that).
There are really many many plugins. I listed some below that might be something you are looking for as well. Note that these are not obligatory to use all to make your website run smoothly. Install only ones you need and use. Do not keep them uninstalled on your website but remove them. Clean up your database now and then to keep it running faster.

  • Pretty Link: creates your own domain links. Useful for posting on other sites and so on.
  • SumoMe: creates a welcome mat, signup windows/bars
  • Cyclone Slider 2: an easy to set up image slider
  • Blog2Social: with this free plugin you can send out your posts with a simple click to several social networks. Messages are easy to update so you make sure it fits the designated social network. If you pay for it you also schedule your posts plus many other nice features.
  • 404 to 301: handy tool if a visitor types something incorrect, or you changed an url but the old one is widely spread on the internet, you can redirect the visitor to a certain page and explain there what happened, create a search option and/or promote something.
  • Akismet: is standard already installed but I recommend to sign up there so it blocks sign in attempts of unwanted people, a good extra security.
  • Contact Form 7: if you have Jetpack you do not need it but otherwise this is good plugin to make contact forms in all kinds of formats on your website.
  • Cookie Notice: this plugin makes the cookie popup so you can inform your visitors your intentions. If you use Google tracking it is even obligatory in the EU for example.
  • Loginizer: an extra security plugin. With this you can make a random login url so the WordPress standard will be replaced and it will decrease the login attempts of hackers.
  • Page Builder: extremely handy plugin to build your posts and pages with an easy drag and drop structure. If you want to use it you also have to install SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle. These are widgets for adding images, sliders, text and so on.
  • WP Cerber: an extra security plugin to block unwanted attempts.
  • WooCommerce: if you want to offer products or services this is a great free plugin to do so. There are a ton of extensions plus the setup requires quite some e-commerce knowledge but you can keep it simple. If your products are digital it is perfect tool, while you can skip the whole shipping part.
  • Shortcodes Ultimate: many examples of shortcodes ready to use.
  • Amazon Associates Link Builder: if you are an affiliate on Amazon you can use this plugin to add products to your website.
  • Content Views: a perfect tool to group posts or pages based on category and/or tags.
  • Duplicate post: well, the name already explains it. If you have a good format this tool saves you from making it again.
  • Page Links To: drops a box under each post or page where you can add a link this page or post should redirect at. Good for (temporary) closing of pages and posts and still keeping the url active.
  • WP Smush: it automatically decreases the size of your images so the load speed will go up.
  • WP Broken Link Status Checker: quickly scan your website and fix links that do not work.
  • WP Super Cache: cache your website on servers so your visitors need less time to load when they visit your website.
  • Updraftplus: easy tool to backup your website.
  • Add Search To Menu: search option in your menu included.
  • MailChimp for WordPress: if you use Mailchimp this plugin will help you to optimize it on your website.
  • WP-Optimize: to clean up your database without getting it complicated in your website admin.

If want to create a list of subscribers I recommend MailChimp. With this tool you collect email addresses and other information from your visitors. With Jetpack you can create a form as well where people can follow your blog. The advantage of MailChimp is that they have a ton more of options to actively start sending emails to your followers. A great plus as well is that you can use it completely free. Perfect for a start. Of course you will have more options once you decide to pay for it.