Social Media post on 08/31/20 04:53AM

When you are finally in that quiet and relaxing place.
There where you are either in the forest or an open space.
No noisy neighbours, busses, beeping cars or loud choppers.
All you hear when you finally lay down is the sound of raging grasshoppers.
Though…If even this is still too much
Then there will be no place for you as such.
Sleep with your ears fully plugged.
And you enjoy whatever place…of course debugged.
If it is just whatever that’s in your head.
You will keep on lying with open eyes in your bed.
So make sure you have a chill before you lay down.
Or run a few blocks through your town.
Is it an IDEA that you have but don’t know what to do?
Then just give a visit to the below link a go.


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