Social Media post on 07/23/20 05:01AM

#ThrowbackThursday. A day on which you need to take yourself back in time. It reminded me of a good friend of mine. This week I gratuled him thanks to the LinkedIn notification. Without this it surely would not have come to a congratulation. Twenty years ago we could not have thought life would go like this. Of course we are not surprised we are both having a wife and kids. Naturally, you cannot take these things for granted. Even if it has been always what you wanted. Life will bring many surprises on the way. It is up to you to say ‘ja’ or ‘nee’. Just know that however you decide, you need to take responsibility and sometimes put aside your pride. #Focus #nonstopstrategy #staypositive #personalstrategy #selfreflection #lifestyle #lifegoals #personalbranding #influencer #strategist