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A day where we are reminded of the Saint in love,
A day symbolic, in the light of, and the appearance of, the white dove.
I believe many of us humble people already forgot the true meaning of this day,
As it is not just your partner whom you love dearly who is in play.
Think about all the other people and things that play a part in your life.
It is also that part of you that deserves on this day a place in the spot light.
Especially, the people without a partner on their side,
Do not feel lonely on this day of the Saint Valentine.
There is a place for you as well to start this day of the year a celebration.
Crown yourself blessed, put yourself on the throne, have your own coronation.
For me I am blessed with a small family celebrating every day,
The fact we are healthy, annoyed from each other but happily play.
That we are able to enjoy each others presence until the moment it makes us mad,
The moments that we are happy, celebrating and the times we can be sad.
I am not always proud of myself, what I think, do and how I act.
But that I love my small son and daughter and wife a lot, that is a true fact!
Wishing everyone a happy and blessed Valentine. Freddie
This writing is dedicated @culinarytalks
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