Social Media post

In my job every day I meet new people from all around the world.
Sometimes they live far away, other times even in the same neighborhood.
Not that it matters during these days of #COVID19,
as you will see them anyway just popping up on your screen.
Nevertheless, you increase your network still.
And yes, all this virtual way of living can feel so unreal.
Yesterday I had the honor to meet 15 people at an interesting call,
our teams merged because we were getting on our own a little small.
A little game of making 3 statements of which only 2 the true,
A game in which you get to know each other too.
Many did not expect me to write little poems and put it online.
But rather believed I came from a Belgian bloodline.
So perhaps they will now check out my social media
And read how I here open up my personal encyclopedia.
Writing some things to think about for #thursdaythoughts.
Or just a little motivation for the battles of life to be fought.
Nevertheless, mostly it is just for the fun and show.
And is it just here: where I want you to go.
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