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Nowadays we are talking about the #newnormal or the good old days. What does that mean? If you look at this picture (nicely done by the way Mirte) I do not think my life was really that normal. Some might say these were the good old days but were they really that good? Or was I that good? Oh yes, fun we had…but fun we have now too.
Luckily, despite covid, we make new, good an pleasant times. Changes are the normal factor of life. There is no new normal, there is change. So happy I am that I really changed. Not as a person, my personality is who I am. I changed behavior, adapting to my surroundings, respecting for what happens around me. And I still do, most likely it will never stop.
Ups and downs, good and bad, feeling great and being on your worst. Trust me, this collage covers it all. It is all about to live.
Look back and learn. Embrace change for the good and worse. Adapt and own the change. Make a change when you feel like. To change is normal.
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