Social Media post

Writing is something I enjoy to do, sometimes with a rhyme, other times just plain from the shoe.
Anything I put on the paper is about having fun or promoting myself.
Letting out some creativity and making my personality coming out of the shelf.
In Dutch I even start to write about myself in real.
I believe on social media I can write how I think and especially how I feel.
I cannot be advised to do the opposite of this.
Isn’t this exactly what for all these social media accounts in my life is?
Mentality of people determine the way a written word is to be interpret.
Let’s see it is a positive thing, a fun, don’t let it make you feel sad.
Words are perhaps the best way to express and have an incredible reach.
Words written down in the modern world in which I grew up and live, represent #freedomofspeech.
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