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A couple spends a day at the zoo. When they reach the Monkey Dome the man told his lady to open her blouse a button. The gorilla hit himself on the chest from joy. So he told her to open her blouse some more. The gorilla got all wild and was beating his chest. So now lift your skirt a little. The gorilla went of control and started to beat the windows. Teas him some more and pull down your panties a bit the man said. She looked around and gave the gorilla a sneak peak. The gorilla went bazurk and jumped like mad. The man quickly pushed the lady inside with the gorilla and said: so now try to explain him you got a headache.
I read this joke in Dutch (thx Harry) and decided to share it for the Monday. Some little fun to start the week with. Perhaps you had a tough weekend. It was short again. It made me laugh.
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