Social Media post on 07/31/20 05:13AM

Another week has passed by. Did you think of a good #IDEA? Take your time to think it through so you are sure it is what you want to do. #TGIF #businessidea #personalidea #strategist #Focus

Social Media post on 07/30/20 05:07AM

Sometimes you just need to do something that normally you would not do. #bakeacake #nonstopstrategy

Social Media post on 07/29/20 05:22AM

#WonderfullWednesday where today I am the whole day in the office after over 4 months. I would never have thought at that time it could take that long. #covid19 changed a whole lot for many people all over the world. Economies in many countries did get deeply disturbed. Nevertheless, it is a change that we need to accept. Luckily, mankind is able to beat this and get of it ahead. #Focus #staypositive #coronavirus #stayhome #workfromhome #nonstopstrategy

Social Media post on 07/27/20 05:29AM

A new day of a new week.
What is it this week you will seek?
No matter where to it will lead.
You can start with and have a good read.
Refresh your mind and think of a great IDEA.
Book a meeting and let us have a virtual coffee or tea. #Focus #Management #businessidea #personalidea #strategist #lifegoals #personalbranding #influencer #staypositive #strategy

Social Media post on 07/24/20 05:26AM

Nothing more to say on this very last week day.
Enjoy #Heineken

Social Media post on 07/23/20 05:01AM

#ThrowbackThursday. A day on which you need to take yourself back in time. It reminded me of a good friend of mine. This week I gratuled him thanks to the LinkedIn notification. Without this it surely would not have come to a congratulation. Twenty years ago we could not have thought life would go like this. Of course we are not surprised we are both having a wife and kids. Naturally, you cannot take these things for granted. Even if it has been always what you wanted. Life will bring many surprises on the way. It is up to you to say ‘ja’ or ‘nee’. Just know that however you decide, you need to take responsibility and sometimes put aside your pride. #Focus #nonstopstrategy #staypositive #personalstrategy #selfreflection #lifestyle #lifegoals #personalbranding #influencer #strategist

Social Media post on 07/22/20 05:29AM

Management of your #business.
Management of your family.
Management of your kitchen.
Management of your team.
Management of your company.
Management of your social media.
Management of your statistics.
Management of your country.
Management of your life.
#Management of you?
What is it that you really manage?
Do you get the question often ‘did you manage it?’ ?
Ask yourself the questions what you actually want, how and can manage. #Focus will help you. Start with an IDEA. #nonstopstrategy

Social Media post on 07/21/20 05:03AM

Unite, become one, marry, share life, care for each other. All kinds of saying to proof the love or the latter. Passion is what drives this life to be, to share this drive and believe more than I and me. Think in a way that no matter what you choose to do. It is a passion that will pull you through. Passion makes you love and caring, passion gives you the interest in willingness of sharing. Is it your partner we talk about, the sharing is showing your love out loud. In public giving your promise and commitment. In private the understanding for each other…to consent. Just know the passion should be seen to it’s fully.
Also in what you do for a living like daily.
Don’t be afraid for something you really would like. Just make sure you are able and up for that hike. For instance if starting a website sounds way to big. Simply registering a domain can be your first kick. #businessidea #personalidea #strategist #lifegoals #personalbranding #strategy

Social Media post on 07/20/20 04:57AM

Cultural heritage is often a nation’s pride. Many times these are places easily to defend or a place to hide. Take this castle for instance on the picture. A great vestibule, standing strong in the heart of Modra’s nature. Nice history is to be found about this place. Many fights have been fought right there but luckily the compound has not been erased. Nowadays, these lovely looking castles serve other purposes and have different goals. Their defence systems are not effective anymore, used for war we have now other tools.
Nevertheless, now we can experience the architecture and fantasize the history. These old days in medieval times when the castle celebrated victories in all their glory. Change is what happened throughout the years but never should a change be feared. Also for business or a person change should be embraced. We should respect the time involved before it is too late. Remember when you define your goals and #strategy. Create a clear vision and believe in your ideology. #change #strategist #staypositive #personalstrategy #selfreflection #lifestyle #lifegoals #businessidea #personalidea #businessidea #businessstrategy #influencer

Social Media post on 07/18/20 05:02AM

Yesterday we celebrated the first birthday of our son. Today we will say yes to each other in either the rain or the sun. Regardless, what will come to our path, nothing should be able to get us apart. Our daughter and son have united us already for life. From today on we will also be formally husband and wife.